Monthly Archive: March 2022

Tax Take from Inheritance Tax to Increase Dramatically

    HM Treasury is set to receive £37bn in inheritance tax payments over the next five years, according to estimates from the Office for Budget Responsibility. Their March 2022 forecast expects intakes of: £6.7bn in 2022-23; £6.9bn in 2023-24;…
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The Spring Statement March 2022

    Rishi Sunak’s last two spring statements were dominated by vast spending and multi-billion-pound bailout programmes to help businesses and workers through the pandemic. This time the Chancellor faces a new challenge: the cost of living crisis. He is under…
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Fact Check: Inheritance Tax 2022

    Inheritance tax paid by families has more than doubled in a decade. Total receipts from inheritance tax have increased from £2.7 billion in 2010 to £5.4 billion, according to a recent review of Treasury documents. The Treasury is forecast to…
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