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IHT tax receipts breaks records again hitting £5.4bn

Inheritance tax receipts have increased to a record £5.4 billion in the 2018/19 tax year according to HM Revenue and Customs figures published in late April. Receipts increased by around £160 million in just a year from £5.2 billion in…
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Reform of Inheritance Tax System???

Chancellor Philip Hammond wrote to the Office of Tax Simplification in January last year asking it to review inheritance tax. In a report published in November 2018, the OTS recommended the government implement a fully integrated digital system for IHT….
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Inheritance Tax & Agriculture: Wine & Apples!!!

A special relief from inheritance tax is afforded to land that is occupied “for the purposes of agriculture”.  The term is not exhaustively defined – no doubt the parliamentary draftsman thought that unnecessary and that, like an elephant, you would…
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