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Should you be worried about the PROBATE FEE hike?

The government has recently announced substantial increases in the fee to obtain the grant needed to take control of a deceased’s estate. The new fees, payable to the probate registry and due to take effect in April 2019, amounts to…
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Stagnant property market hits IHT tax take

The amount of inheritance tax (IHT) paid year-on-year has fallen for the first time in a decade, according to figures from HMRC. A series of weak months from January to June 2018, probably caused by the stalled property market, saw…
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Get it today!!!

If you have not read ‘The Absolute Essence of Inheritance Tax Planning’ then this is probably the best time to get it for three reasons. Firstly, after just under 18 months in publication in remains an Amazon #1 Bestseller in…
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