Most people file their tax return online these days, probably in the region of 80%. Paper returns should have been submitted by 31st October and they are seen as increasingly archaic.

Electronic submissions make it much easier for HM Revenue & Customs to see the trends …. and there are some seasonal ones that may make you smile.

So, with just over a month to go, which are the most popular times to fill in tax returns ?

According to HM Revenue & Customs Christmas Day is a very popular time to fill in tax returns so those contemplating filing it then can be safe in the knowledge they will not be alone, however strange that may seem.  According to figures from HM Revenue & Customs, last year 1,548 people filed on Christmas Day.  This was an increase of 40 per cent compared to the previous year.

The following day is even more popular with 4,685 completing it on Boxing Day last year. Perhaps the spur is testing out that new laptop or tablet received as a Christmas present ? More likely a period of post-celebration reflection along the lines of, ‘if not then, when ?’.

Part of the answer is ‘towards the end of the year’. New Year’s Eve is also a hugely popular time to fill in tax returns, with 27,161 filing them on that day last year while 12,007 did it on New Year’s Day.

AND …. the busiest day for tax returns being filled in? The deadline day rush on 31st January ! HM Revenue & Customs say that no less than 578,000 people submitted their returns on the final day last year !