Festive tax return figures down

Over 24,000 people submitted their self-assessment tax returns over the holiday period this year, ahead of the 31 January deadline.

According to figures by HMRC, more than 16,000 people submitted their tax return on New Year’s Eve, while almost 2,000 took time out on Christmas Day to file their return and a further 6,200 completed the arduous task on Boxing Day.

While these figures might come as a surprise, they are nevertheless significantly lower that last year when 24,546 people submitted their tax returns on 31 December 2015 … a 2.5% increase on the previous year – and a further 11,467 submitted their returns on New Year’s Day. More than 600 filed their return between midnight and 10am on 1 January.

Over Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day last year, an additional 21,475 people took time out from the festivities in order to complete their tax returns.

The total number of Christmas Day filers grew 13% on the previous year to 2,044, resulting in another record breaking number.

Some people sure know how to live!!!