Inheritance tax receipts are on course to beat last year’s record

The Office for National Statistics’ August receipts reveal that £603 million was raised in July alone. Receipts for the previous quarter, April to July, stood at £2.6 billion, up £200 million on the same period last year.  Have a look at this link which includes useful commentary on executors potentially taking action with respect to high interest charges.

Inheritance tax raised a record £7.1 billion in 2022-23 from 27,000 estates, according to HMRC – up 17% on the previous year. The Office for Budget Responsibility’s July commentary on public sector finances also predicts that the tax will raise £7.2 billion this financial year, potentially reaching £8.4 billion by 2027/28.

Inheritance tax continues to draw in cash for the government as property prices and the exemption threshold freeze pulls more estates into the net.  Good news for the Exchequer but a warning for the public –   Assess the entire value of your estate, including an up-to-date valuation of property and other assets.

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Stephen Parnham