So why does our tax year end on 5th April?

There are only two ways you could know the answer to that question. The first is that you were around in the mid-18th century. Unlikely … unless you are devotee of ‘Highlander’. The second is that you have a working knowledge of the Calendar Act 1750, the very first Income Tax Acts of the late 18th and early 19th centuries and the legal conventions of the time. Ah, and why calendars are inevitably and inherently unstable. This book gives you the time travellers perspective you need to conclusively figure it out. It is not what you have been lead to believe.

Reviewers say:
“Amazing stuff”
“This is a fascinating read”
“… an historical gem of a story which should interest anyone with an inquisitive mind”
“You don’t need to have any interest in tax to be able to read and understand this book”

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