Where You Are Going Wrong With Inheritance Tax Planning

‘The Absolute Essence of Inheritance Tax Planning’ is the antidote to ‘being stuck’ when planning for  inheritance tax! The ‘Absolute Essence’ has been written to literally change your mind, your way of seeing things. It will give you the in-depth understanding and the fresh perspective necessary to move you forward and to achieve something really effective and really worthwhile.

Each easy to read, concise, thought-provoking and (hopefully) entertaining chapter is written purely from the taxpayers point of view. It is not one of those gargantuan encyclopaedic tomes destined to gather dust on your bookshelf. Indeed, you may be driven to read it several times.

Inheritance tax is a widely misunderstood tax. It is, nevertheless, of increasingly serious concern to families. While that misunderstanding can certainly lie in technicalities, experience suggests that the only obstacle to successful inheritance tax planning lies in the way in which people, their families and, sometimes, their advisers approach it. Many are quite simply stuck.

This book identifies the must-know characteristics of this often opaque and complex tax and identifies some of the top tactics and smart strategies you should consider adopting.

If you are interested in tax planning, ‘The Absolute Essence of Inheritance Tax Planning’ is definitely for you.

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