Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax and the 2020 Budget

After several months of noise regarding changes to inheritance tax Rishi Sunak’s budget avoided even tentative adjustments to the tax altogether. Headline predictions included a reduction of the rate from 40% to 10%, removal of lifetime gifting allowances, and the…
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Inheritance Tax in the New Era

Inheritance Tax in the New Era: 2020   When Sajid Javid, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, hinted at the 2019 Conservative Party conference that scrapping inheritance tax ‘was on his mind’  he was merely taking his place in a long…
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Inheritance Tax Unclear for Many People

Some 40% of people do not know how much money can be passed on free of inheritance tax (IHT), research from Zurich has found. Statistics from the provider also showed 36% of over 55s did not know how much they…
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