Significant Updates for Three of my Kindle Books on Tax

Three of my Kindle books have been updated for recent developments as at January 2023.

All have also been re-formatted to a more professional standard.  My formatting skills at the time of original publishing were adequate but far from stellar.  They have improved with the passage of time.

All have additionally been corrected for the inevitable minor spelling and punctuation mistakes.  No matter how assiduous the proofreading it seems a foregone conclusion that something will slip through.  If the eagle-eyed reader spots something questionable, please do let me know.  I would be grateful.

The updated versions are now available on Amazon.  If you have already made a Kindle purchase your Kindle device should have been automatically updated with the latest version  … provided your account has ‘Automatic Book Updates’ switched on (Your account/Content & devices/Preferences).

If you have previously purchased the paperback version, then I am afraid that you will need to make a new purchase to benefit from the enhanced formatting.

The three books in question are:

  • The Absolute Essence of Inheritance Tax Planning (first publication 2017)
  • Effective Inheritance Tax Planning with Investment Property (first publication 2019)
  • Temporary Non-UK Residents (first publication 2016)

The first two are consistently Amazon bestsellers and the first has attracted very positive reviews in the professional press over the years.

If you haven’t read these now could be the perfect time to do so.  Great value and easy reads.  You will gain a refreshingly new perspective in doing so.


The Absolute Essence of Inheritance Tax Planning


Effective Inheritance Tax Planning with Investment Property


Temporary Non-UK Residents


Forthcoming book:  Strategic Inheritance Tax Planning

This will be the next step up in real expertise from the ‘Absolute Essence ‘.  Strategy, tactics and an insider’s perspective on how inheritance tax will probably develop over the next few decades as well as what you should be doing about it today.  It will be an entertaining and profitable read.

Anticipated publication Autumn 2023.

And an old favourite

Finally, don’t forget

‘The Intriguing Truth About 5 April’. The real story behind why the 5th April has become the end of the UK’s tax year.

Five Star Reviews:

‘An intriguing story, once I began to read it I could not put it down!’

‘The author Steve Parnham manages to educate, entertain and enlighten you throughout a story of something I somehow have always taken for granted. A very rewarding and genuinely interesting read full of facts with humour along the way. Highly recommended.’

‘Steve Parnham has unearthed an historical gem of a story which should interest taxation professionals and anyone with an inquisitive mind. It is packed with historical facts stretching back to Roman times and Steve presents the story in an easy-to-read way. I thoroughly recommend this book.’

Get it at –

You won’t regret it!