Inheritance Tax Planning Book Now Bestseller

‘The Absolute Essence of Inheritance Tax Planning’ now reviewed by Money Week as ‘one of the four best guides to tax and pensions’ and Amazon #1 bestseller.  

Inheritance Tax Planning: The Next Ten Years?

New research suggests that the total annual amounts passing from one generation to the next will rise from the current level in 2017 of £69 billion to £115 billion by 2027. That is a 66% increase over the next ten…
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Where You Are Going Wrong With Inheritance Tax Planning

‘The Absolute Essence of Inheritance Tax Planning’ is the antidote to ‘being stuck’ when planning for  inheritance tax! The ‘Absolute Essence’ has been written to literally change your mind, your way of seeing things. It will give you the in-depth…
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What is it about tax that attracts ?

I am sure that every professional has their own take on this. When I left my first firm of accountants in search of experience after five or so years, my tax manager stressed that, ‘I would not find anything quite…
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Can Wills be Challenged by the Disinherited?

If you leave your entire estate to charities, disinherited relatives can successfully mount a challenge to break your last will and testament. Surely not? In a 2015 case heard by the Court of Appeal, a disinherited daughter challenged her deceased…
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New book on Temporary Non-Residence

My first book will be published on Amazon next week. It is intended for the general public but will also be a useful first port of call for accountants, solicitors and other professionals who may only infrequently come across clients…
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New Disclosure Regime for Inheritance Tax Planning

The DOTAS regime allows HM Revenue & Customs to keep up to date with what types of tax avoidance schemes are in circulation. It therefore provides the opportunity to review and if necessary, amend legislation to block any scheme which…
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Inheritance Tax Take Hits 35 Year Peak

The Office for Budget Responsibility has released new figures that suggest the number of UK families paying inheritance tax is at a 35-year high. Rising house prices have pushed the value of family assets above the nil rate band threshold, resulting in…
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